Customizable Adhesives
The adhesive performance and adhesive methods required in each field, such as industrial, building materials, and civil engineering, vary greatly.
In addition to adhesive strength, what shapes of materials will be bonded together, and how?
In what environment will they be used?
The answers vary depending on the customer, even for the same material.
At Ikkaku Kogyo, we design and develop adhesives that meet your needs and we also provide instruction on how to use them.
We manufacture adhesives tailored to each company and field.
We manufacture adhesives tailored to each company and field.
  • Industrial field
    Industrial field

    We develop adhesives that are necessary for molding, installing and repairing transport belts, various rubber and plastic hoses, vibration-proofing materials and sound-proofing materials.

  • Building materials field
    Building materials field

    Used as an adhesive for vibration-isolating rubber. Also developed as a set of adhesives required for waterproofing roof sheets on buildings.

  • Civil engineering field
    Civil engineering field

    Adhesives can be developed as auxiliary materials necessary for road repair work and waterproofing work such as irrigation canals, dams and tunnels.

  • footwear field
    footwear field

    We develop adhesives and various primers for sports shoes and other various footwear.

  • Other adhesives
    Other adhesives

    We also manufacture other adhesives according to customer requests.

Coating Material

Super Coat Series (Lining coating agents)
We have developed paints for various rubber molded products, PVC molded products, and PU molded products.