The history of Kobe Nagata’s “shoes” and our company starts here.

Founded in 1972 by the first president, Kunihiko Ikkaku, our company began with the manufacturing of specialized adhesives for footwear in the Nagata district of Kobe, which developed into a “shoe town.” Later, with the development of the petrochemical industry, we began to bond compound materials such as synthetic rubber and nylon fibers together. This technology has now gone beyond the field of shoes and is used in industrial fields such as vehicle drive belts.

Making the impossible possible with knowledge and technology.

Combining two or three materials can solve problems that are impossible with one material. Adhesives help with this. Is it enough to just stick them together? No, it’s not. Adhesive strength that makes the most of the material’s capabilities, and the ability to withstand acids and alkalis etc., must be maintained in various environments. And above all, is the adhesive work suitable? We will continue to meet these requests from our customers.

President Yasuhiko Ikkaku

The second-generation president, Yasuhiko Ikaku, is a doctor of engineering with a thorough knowledge of adhesion. He has contributed papers and given lectures to spread the word about adhesion technology.


1971 Kunihiko Ikkaku opened Kobe Technical Research Institute
1972 Established Ikkaku industry Co., Ltd
1973 Akashi City factory completed first phase of construction
1983 For a short while we added more equipment due to an increase in orders
1985 Buil a two-story research building
2003 IS09001 acquired
2022 50 years since establishment

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